When was Talking Tree founded?

In November 2020 a small group of volunteers took ownership of the former Willian Hill bookmakers on Staines High Street, this was the result of months of previous discussions.

Why was Talking Tree founded?

TT was established by a group of people concerned about the climate emergency and the urgent need to take positive action to reduce CO2 emissions and establish a different relationship with the Earth on which we all depend.

Who is in charge of Talking Tree?

TT is a Community Interest Company ran in the interest of the community. At present there are 3 Directors; Tony (Chair), Chris, and Vanessa. A larger Steering Group also includes Annie and Suzanne who coordinate the various Working Groups.  We welcome new groups and individuals who wish to be involved with the running of TT and are currently recruiting additional volunteers for a variety of roles.

How do I join Talking Tree?

At present we are not seeking subscriptions to formally join TT, there is no formal Membership list as such, please join our mailing list to keep informed of our activities and be sent newsletters and updates.

How do I volunteer at Talking Tree?

TT would love to have you involved! Please see the volunteer page of this website.

Where does the money come from to fund Talking Tree?

The site has been leased to TT at a reduced rate because of the fantastic community benefits we intend to deliver. The site is owned by a company who ultimately are owned by Spelthorne Borough Council. TT aims to help SBC deliver in various areas well aligned to their long term goals of improving our community for the benefit of all residents in a variety of areas.

Working cash will come from a mixture of public donations and grant applications to various bodies. We will run a cafe at the site, the sales from which we hope will help cover our operational costs. A community space will be available to hire for a fee and we hope anyone using our facilities will purchase items from the cafe to support TT financially. We will also charge a commission on art and craft work sold through our gallery.