Talking Tree Craftivism

Craftivism is using a craft activity to raise awareness of a particular issue or campaign. People produce a crafted item that is then taken to a relevant location where it can be seen by other people. The items carry a message or label that explains the issue or suggests an action that you would like people to take. More information about craftivism can be found at

Talking Tree is planning to use craftivism to highlight the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill. This Bill was presented to the UK Parliament in August last year and if passed into law it would commit the UK Government to action to address the climate emergency. It was scheduled to be discussed again in Parliament on 26th March, but even though the bill is supported by over 100 MPs, the Government has changed the schedule so that it is not known when, or even if, it will be discussed again. More information is available on .

To raise awareness of the CEE bill we are recruiting volunteers to produce fabric bees carrying the message BEE FOR CEE. Each bee will have a label encouraging people to contact their MP to ask her, or him, to support the Bill. We are hoping to have a small swarm of bees ready for distribution on 26th March, which is when the Bill was originally due to be discussed in Parliament. This will coincide with other activities being undertaken to raise awareness of the Bill. If you would like to make a bee please email and we will arrange for you to collect a pack with materials and instructions from Talking Tree.