Community fridge

As we are not currently able to open our café we have developed the Talking Tree Community Kitchen.

The primary focus of this project is to change attitudes to food waste. Our volunteers are working with a number of partner organisations to collect ‘surplus’ food, food that may otherwise go to waste.

Our trained volunteers are then using the kitchen at St John’s Church in Egham to prepare nutritious healthy meals.

The cooked meals and other food can be collected  from Talking Tree. If you would like some of this food please complete the food request form which can be accessed by clicking here. If you are unable to get to Talking Tree you can request delivery by one of our volunteers. Delivery will usually be by bicycle.

Once we are able to open the café will serve vegetarian and vegan food, along with hot and cold drinks. Our policy is to use locally grown and organic produce wherever possible, fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season.

We are also looking into selling a range of environmentally friendly ingredients and goods.

When there are events in the evening there will be a bar serving a range of low alcohol (0.5% or less) and alcohol free drinks.